After long years of post-war chaos where architecture and creativity were fated to silence, came the opportunity of reviving the creative Lebanese ego thru an occasion offered by the most dynamic and responsible Lebanese organization to create one of its quarters in the second most vital city in the country. We are responding to this call with an idea that addresses the real sense of the OAE in the Lebanese society.

Our proposal has been shaped by desires to redefine architecture’s boundaries in the country. We are offering a building which serves perfectly its purpose while granting the public a welcoming spotless area in the mass of a city. A landscaped public plaza with an observation tower reveals the muscle of the engineering and opens its horizons to the population. A series of light weight towers embodying the program to avoid the claustrophobic vs. aggressive massive wall and release the view of the passant to a technically organized landscape. A sustainable environment with a proficient energy edifice consumes resourcefully from natural vigor. Yet an economical construction that uses wisely substitute cost effective materials… A starting point for a drastic change in the regional architecture diary.

Architecture team: OHLAB (Paloma Hernaiz, Jaime Oliver) + BAD (Ali Basbous)