Cruz Del Eje, Argentina

O´live Ville works as a small town where the olive tree is the center of attention. It includes all the necessary equipment for both short stay travelers staying in the rural hotel, and the guests living in the villas for longer periods, as well as for the farm residents (hotel, restaurants, villas, cafes, sports facilities, spa, olive museum, administration area, workers’ housing, etc.).

The program is organized on a linear arrangement to maximize the contact with the olive grove. It also fits the existing site conditions and organizes the program units according to: privacy, users, typological density, duration of visitors’ stay and degree of relationship between the units. According to these parameters, the organization of the program is optimized for efficient plant.

The project creates a meadow which covers all the program units building a continuous topographic plane. The connections between the meadow and the underneath program units are determined by 4 different types of cuts on the continuous plane (raising a corner, two corners, one side, or two sides) which are applied depending on the conditions of each case.

The proposal for O’live Ville is based in sustainable principles not only to assure the energetic and constructive efficiency but also to contribute to generate autochthonous landscape. The project creates a continuous and fluent relationship between the buildings and its natural surroundings.

The continuous plane is proposed as a meadow of unplanned wild native vegetation typical of the areas close to olive groves, and the existing vegetation before the olive trees were planted. The project confronts two types of landscape: the spontaneous meadow with the regular and organized weave of the olive grove.

OHLAB Team: Paloma Hernaiz, Jaime Oliver, Rebeca Lavín, Nuria Codina, Iván Gutiérrez
Graphic Design: IS Creative Studio